Online Marketing

We are a one stop shop when it comes to reaching a segment of the Brazilian market. We’ll study your product/service and we’ll develop a strategic plan for its distribution to Brazilians. We are a hands on team with a boutique mindset.


Do you have traffic from Brazil but no idea how to make money from it? Then your troubles are definitely over. Drop us a line with a link to your website or whatever online property it is that you are eager to monetize and we’ll be in touch!


Simple translation doesn’t do the trick. We’ll thoroughly study your message and adapt it to Brazilian ears and eyes so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Product Development

So you have an idea but aren’t sure how you should start developing it? We’ve been there. Many times. And you can benefit from our experience.


Founded by Arthur Waldmann, BR na Rede is a boutique online marketing consultancy. Our lean structure allows us to swiftly respond to our clients' demands with creativity and high quality in a performance driven fashion.The founder has extremely wide experience, having worked in several market verticals with diverse platforms and tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, A/B testing tools such as Optimizely and many more.


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